Main inspiration for the photoshoot was  aesthetics of ancient mirrors of speculum metal and its closeness to the aesthetic of distorted image produced using wet plate collodion technique. Beginning in the ancient times manufacturing mirror was a high craft. It can be assumed, that looking at one’s full reflection was a privilege of the wealthy, but those large mirrors, made from various metals, produced distorted and blurry image. Although later high quality mirrors, giving very precise reflection were commonly produced, they were still very expensive due to production based on high valued materials. Those who couldn’t afford them were using multiple other ways to catch self reflection: they looked for reflection in bowl of water, silver chalice or polished stones. 

The shoot was based on the research towards relationship between photographic image and mirror reflection, between two types of crafts which bound with each other. There days jnowing one reflection seems so obvious that to imagine situation below appears as abstract:

Charles Sorel in his Historie comique de Francion, writes of a school regent who had seen his reflection only in a bucket of water and who, in love with one of his pupils, spend all his savings on a mirror in order to see how he would look in her eyes! 

Sabine Melchior-Bonnet, The Mirror: A History


Model: Caitlin Walsh
Hair Artist : Richard Auob ( @richardauobhairdressing) 
MUA: Nora Orthofer (www.noraorthofer.com ) 
Designer: Monika Dolna (@monika_dolna)


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