13.08.1993, born in Skarżysko-Kamienna. In 2015  obtained Bachelor’s degree in Photography at the University of Arts in Poznań, Poland. Currently based in London. 

I am mostly interested in historical photographic techniques, such as wet plate collodion and cyanotype, gum bichromate, leading alternative photographic workshops and introducing my photographic practice to contemporary  contexts such identity, memory and digitalisation of photography. My often practice is to incorporate dimensional object, including photographic glass plates, which try to cross the boarder of two-dimentional image. My work was a subject of two individual exhibitions: in 2013 at german-polish The Labirynth Festival and in 2016 at Circulation(s) Festival in Paris. In 2017 my works commissioned by Photography and the Archive Research Centre  were exhibited in solo exhibition at LCC, London.  Currently I am making MA at London College of Fashion, University of Art London. Recently I have collaborated with British Museum to delivering alternative photography workshop and I continue to deliver workshops throughout various venues in UK and PL.