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Anthotype-Botanical Printmaking with plant juices

Anthotype-Botanical Printmaking with plant juices


Learn to create prints right from your garden using spinach,turmeric and explore one of the earliest pre-photographic processes.

This short but compact workshop will introduce you to a very unique anthotype printmaking process discovered in 1842 using watercolour paper and crushed flower petals or plant juices like turmeric or spinach to create botanical images or recently even photographs! I will teach you how to prepare your own emulsion- after the workshop you will be able to take home and use the skills you have learned here to create your own art. I will also show you how to make anthotype print using digital photograph from your phone or camera (you can see a sample photograph on the video here) Join with your friends or kids to experience a fun and creative day.


Workshops will take place in my studio space in London, Holborn:

Magda Kuca Photography Studio 102&103, 2nd floor

Morley House, 26 Holborn Viaduct, London EC1A 2AT

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