The Crafters

This series of ambrotypes explores then relevance of craft in today society through portraits of polish crafters based in city of Poznan. 

Using 19th century wet plate collodion technique that is a mixture of silver, light and skilled manual labour, I wanted to bring back the significance of this craft that also allowed me to find a common language with the crafters. Drawing great inspiration from August Sander who used large format photography to create portraits of German society, this series of timeless portraits reflects on the working man.  

This project was created thanks to collaboration with polish bakery Pracownia Godny. With support of CWP2016, Poznań, PL

60x80 crafters002druktif copy.jpg
50x60 crafters_010dalejdrkranka.jpg
60x80 crafters005dalejdruktif.jpg
50x60 crafters_dalejdrkranka.jpg
60x80 crafters002druktif.jpg
2tekst sander quote copy.jpg